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November 27, 2012


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Love your blog. I'm constantly in awe of how well you cut to the core of the matter, clearly and succinctly.

This is one of my favorite posts. Thank you.


History is not littered with successful 'undiplomatic diplomats'. It's all well and good saying 'so and so is evil' but if you're trying to reach an accommodation with the person - over some matter of common interest like a mutual enemy - it won't get you very far.


"It seems to me that while there may be people at fault over Benghazi, Rice isn't one of them..."

The "I was only following orders" defense is no defense, especially when Rice is being considered to replace the even more incompetent Hillary Clinton by the wholly incompetent Barack Obama. Rice is hip deep in the muck, and she willingly put herself there; she has as much blood on her hands as the rest of the regime because she willfully spewed the regime's lies. I noticed that Obama hasn't taken the time to fire the one person in the regime who runs the office responsible for changing the talking points to the misleading ones Rice regurgitated; that would be the old, white guy, DNI James Clapper. If Obama had any managerial skills whatsoever, he'd have gotten rid of Clinton, Clapper, and Petraeus, and he should have told the truth in the first place. Instead, he had his worthless AG hound and jail the one guy who truly had nothing to do with the Benghazi terrorist attack, the guy exercising his First Amendment rights, and left in place the Keystone Kops.

Since you mentioned Petraeus (who has already answered questions about the Benghazi terrorist attack under oath), Democrats continue to lie about why Bill Clinton was impeached; Democrats say it was because he had an affair, even though it was actually because he lied under oath about it (a crime the rest of us would have been convicted of and imprisoned for). Well, isn't that why Petraeus was fired, because he had an affair? And wouldn't it be more problematic for the top CIA guy's boss having an affair than the top CIA guy having one?


Congratulations Marbury! You've been trolled! I guess this means that, on some level, you have arrived.

S Kriz

Grandpa McCain is a vindictive, simple-minded war criminal with a 50 year unresolved case of PTSD. This Benghazi brouhaha is the most insignificant non-scandal since the Teatards tried to gin up Vince Foster's suicide into a murder rap against Hillary Clinton, or something. Why anyone with an IQ over room temperature would waste five seconds listening to this blather is beyond me.

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