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November 07, 2012


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Much as I approve of that and wish it so, I remember when people were saying the same kind of thing about the labour party:
"The conservatives will not see office for another twenty years".


Did you mean first Asian WOMAN senator? America has had several Asian senators -- including the man Mazie Hirono will replace.

Furthermore, while a very close result, Michele Bachmann has been re-elected (though Tea Party Rep. Allen West in Florida was defeated).

Ian Leslie

Thanks Rob. I've updated.

Sam - do you remember what year that was? Was it 1997? Before the Tories were out of office for thirteen years, and only got back in thanks to a coalition?


Yes, it was after the first landslide labour win. But I still feel cheated of another seven years...

Simon Kane

Nevertheless they haven't actually *won* an election. There never seemed to be a swing towards the right. Gosh this makes me happy.

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