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November 16, 2012


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Ian, I have so loved your blog. It's my very favorite thing to read every day ... you have the best insights on what's going on, and I look forward with great anticipation to what you'll have to say.

Jindal is, it appears to me, one of the best hopes of the Republican Party, and I speak as a liberal in a deeply conservative state. I hope we can get back to moderation and reason in the Republican Party. I do think a vigorous two-party system is really important to keep us all thinking, to keep powerful people from getting too arrogant.

But it's been many days since a new post from you, and I do miss it so -- please give us a new one!


bravo Anne - I just came in here to say the same thing. I have been reading Ian here for the last year or so and find his writings to express my own thoughts and feelings to a tee.
I'm only sorry we don't see enough people posting reply-comments to get some additional insights and wisdoms.


On the subject of Jindal, I'm amazed to hear such wisdom from a Republican - it was absolutely absent from the campaign. I had reluctantly come to the conclusion that long term, civilization in America was actually doomed , such was the dominance of fear-mongerers on the right.
Jindal is harnessing the power of love as opposed to the power of hate - with which we are all so wearisomely familiar.
I could vote for any man who does this.

Ian Leslie

Oh you guys.

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