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September 18, 2012


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"A man who writes off nearly half of the nation as deadbeats is not fit to be running for president of the United States." Just to play devil's advocate, I don't necessarily agree. Depends why the person is running- to be someone, or to do something. If it's the latter - and the 'something' is, say, bring in a well thought out brilliant strategy for foreign policy, or rip the government to nothing because you're a small government idealist- then depending on a voter's priorities they might care less if he likes all his voters or not.
Sadly that's not the case with Mitt. You can't get away with this stuff if your schtick is mostly 'I'm going to improve your life'.

But to stop being devil's advocate; he was indeed the best on offer. But he's not the real thing, and if the GOP don't stop being in hock to their lunatic fringe the real thing will never step forward again, if they still exist.

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