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September 28, 2012


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There's the slight problem that the rule of US Presidential politics seems to be that the candidates who win the presidency have usually been on the national scene for fewer than 15 years. Someone like Winston Churchill (a cabinet minister fully 32 years before he became PM) seem to be rare in US politics. If this rule still applies, Hilary has blown her chances.

Ian Leslie



Reagan was elected President in 1980 (on his second run). He was certainly well-known as an actor and as an advertizer, but had only been in elective politics since standing for Governor of California in 1966. That's at most 14 years by my count, and maybe only 4 if you consider the 1976 campaign as the start of his national political work.

BTW, in the 1976 campaign RR said he would choose as his running mate Richard Schweiker, perhaps the most liberal Republican Senator. I can still recall the ridicule this choice brought him from all sides, given his own strong-right views.

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