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August 19, 2012


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And he's leading in the polls.

And his ideas are not far from standard republican ideas: last year, the republicans tried to pass a redefinition of rape that was co-sponsored by Akin and Ryan, among many others).


I'm not sure this rises to the level of epic fuckwit-hood, more like garden-variety Republican cant gone awry. Akin was humming along, his mouth on autopilot, when a wire got crossed in his brain and the adjective "legitimate" - a perfectly fine and thoroughly focus-group-tested modifier when used in other contexts, such as welfare means-testing - got applied to rape. This kind of sloppy rhetoric is what separates bush-league Republican fuckwits like Akins from the party's epic stars like Paul Ryan. It's hard to picture him mixing clinical fiscal cant with red-meat emotional topics.

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