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July 16, 2012


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Romney's big political achievement was health insurance reform in Massachusetts. But he can't run on that, because of how far to the right his party has moved. Romney's big business achievement was doing buyouts and restructurings at Bain. But he's now minimizing his role their after 1999, because of some transactions that look unpleasant for everyone who's not a Bain partner. And I just read speculation (on Kevin Drum's blog) that perhaps Romney won't disclose his past tax returns because there were years when he paid no tax at all. Even the innumerate can see that that would be unfair, although legal. And his policies would lower his own tax burden a lot.

What positive attributes or accomplishments does Romney have left to run on? Doubtless the polls with shift, and shift again, before election day. But I wonder if there aren't Republican insiders who are feeling some buyer's remorse. Put another way, the Republican primary field was remarkably weak, and that's making a difference now. Call it the non-great man theory of history.


Retroactive to me, means to go back to count something as being tangible to the present situation...so; Romney just moved the date of leaving Bain BACK to a more convenient date... this makes sense, when you take the whole of the word into context...You cannot be RETROACTIVE, if you have nothing to be retroactive to; like 2012... get it??? Please I hope so... "picture it; 2012; Romeny needs to look good for the future; and other reasons, so he takes on the guise of leaving Bain in 1999; his now day of retiring, making this the "official" date; rather than the real date... now this is retroactive... i just pray the people of this nation see him for what he really is; a desperate man, who will do anything to gain what he sees as his ambitions legacy; no matter what the cost to us ...

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