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February 01, 2012


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In a recent debate (don't recall which one, there's been so many), Romney was asked whether he would release his income tax returns as his father did in 1967, setting the precedent for such disclosure. Romney's expression was amazing; his features softened at the mention of his father's name, and suddenly he was no longer Romneybot.

Pundits need to be careful when comparing 1967-1968 to 2011-2012. Tumultuous doesn't begin to describe those years. I was 14 years old and devastated when Robert F. Kennedy was fatally shot immediately after winning the California winner-take-all primary in June, 1968 (just two months after Martin Luther King's assassination). Among the general populace, the most popular Republicans were moderate Yankees (Nelson Rockefeller and George Romney). I'm still not sure how Richard Nixon got the 1968 Republican nomination, but his closest competitor was George Romney.


I wasn't even alive in '68 but I was under the impression, probably from Theodore White's book, that Rockefeller was the biggest threat to Nixon? At least after the 'brainwashing' interview, when Romney's ratings suddenly dived.
I think the debate you're referring to was the first Florida one; he was asked about releasing 20 years' worth, and he said he disagreed with his father on that.

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