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January 24, 2012


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'Superficial all the way down'- you mean politically? Seems a bit harsh to me otherwise. Politically there are things I'd take issue with (I'm centre-right)- last night he was asked what he'd done to advance conservatism, and his first answer was his family?! (I hope he was pandering to the social conservative lot and really wanted to say something else, but..) And he's not exactly a foreign policy trailblazer.
But I've just read the Boston Globe's book, and he seems a decent sort of person. The most off-putting thing is the religious aspect, but you'd get that with any of the GOP frontrunners, sadly. (I've nothing against his religion specifically, just any religion)

It was a seriously dull debate after the first 15 minutes of Mitt laying into Newt effectively. The moderator- who I associate only with '30 rock'- really messed it up.


Well he's not as dumb as Sarah Palin, but he's about as electable...

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