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January 06, 2012


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I wish it was possible for people to do well in politics without being obliged to have/try to have the 'common touch'. Some of the best presidents haven't had it, even if they could put on a good show of it. A person who stands up and says "I'm good enough to be leader of the free world' surely isn't remotely 'regular' in any way. Romney apparently hates parties, hates standing around making small talk and is no good at it. Makes me instantly like the guy more.


Shorter answer to the question posed in your headline:



After yesterday, by saying "I prefer to hire people".
(It may not be a fair shot, but Romney already set the standard by constant lying, and by using Obama's quote of McCain as if it was Obama's own thoughts, and then justifying that by explaining that everything in a campaign is propaganda.)


There has been some commentary that the election theme will be all about jobs.

Romney'll run on his CEO creds, that he's run big organizations, been a governor, and turned around failing companies. Obama's counter would be he helped save America from going into a great depression thru' stimulus packages and that Romney didn't create jobs at Bain, he fired people. The Romney counter would be what's better; staying in business with a halved workforce or going out of business making everyone unemployed. I think both sides have a believable position they can take, it could be close. The job's figures this year will be critical.

Romney's 1950's family TV show style will resonate with swathes of America, and not just the middle, there are millions of middle management MBA American's just like him with that hair, that dress sense, the tasseled loafers, the suit trousers with turn ups, and those social mores....

As for flip flopping, Obama hasn't delivered on all his election promises and his 'lets find the middle ground consensus building approach' is seen by his base as capitulating. He's definitely changed his positions during the term, he's had to. So could be open to charges of saying one thing and doing another...As for the out of touch man of the people thing...Obama was a Harvard law professor!...

Dunno, think its going to be closer than we think, easy to write Rom off if don't identify with him, but, many do...

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