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December 11, 2011


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I thought the moment where Romney was asked which of Gingrich's positions he disagreed with, and he paused for what seemed like a long moment and then started with moon exploration, was worse. But no-one's really picked on that.
Does seem odd to me that people get so worked up about someone trying to emphasise a point with a 10k bet. I've heard people say things like that who aren't rich, it's often just a rhetorical emphasis thing. And even if he meant it, what does it matter?


I've also heard people say thing like that who aren't rich, just twelve years old. Also, videogum's right, a ten thousand dollar bet just isn't a thing. http://videogum.com/430681/the-thing-about-mitt-romneys-10000-bet-with-rick-perry/top-stories/

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