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November 23, 2011


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Arapaho 415

I'm socially liberal, but would not be terrified of a President Huntsman (which is not the way I felt in 2008, when the possibility of Vice President Palin loomed). I know Huntsman is pro-life, but I also believe that he would be focused on getting America's economic house in order from a future-looking perspective, not from a Cold War one, which seems to be the directive of the AEI and Heritage think-tanks.

The current GOP House focuses on the pursuit of meaningless social/cultural legislation that have no hope of getting 60 votes in the Senate.

John McCain is responsible for fueling the Tea Party by selecting Palin as his running mate. Fox News and CNN ignited the fuse, at the expense of the majority of the country. I pray that independents heed reason next Fall.

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