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October 11, 2011


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This line: "The chances of Romney getting tax rises through, for instance, would seem higher to me than Obama doing so" seems to ignore US political reality. Before guessing the probability of a tax increase proposal being passed by President Romney, we need to consider which is the lobby which will pressurize him to do this, which set of congressmen & senators would block all bills until a tax rise is passed and why would Romney be dependent on this set of people. The answer is clearly that no such lobby exists, if any congressmen or senators seek such a rise they would be a small set of progressives who will be irrelevant to the Romney administration. I think it is much more likely that President Romney would be beholden to the tea party congressmen and senators and give them a free rein to slash public services, abolish Department of Education, abolish corporate income tax and all capital gains tax.

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