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September 08, 2011


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which one is which?



Goldwater was an intellectual type though, wasn't he? And would never divert from his beliefs even when he sounded barking (ditto his VP nominee, didn't he threaten to unleash nukes?). Perry seems a whole lot more pragmatic than that. He had a good answer, I can't remember the full quote, along the lines of, it's nice to talk about how wonderful things were in earlier eras but going back to that won't happen.

I watched it but couldn't decide which of them won. Romney was more sure of himself, and very full of fight right off the bat. But Perry didn't do himself much harm that I could see, and he knows how to come off as presidential.And, on a purely shallow note, the pleasant accent doesn't do any harm. Partly because you know it's genuine (as opposed to an east coast Yale grad laying it on with a trowel)


National Security - also he killed Osama bin Laden.

Sam Norton

Would you be willing to take a bet on your title? Not in favour of Obama, but on whether either man will actually be the Republican candidate...


Sam - do you think Huntsman still has a shot? I wish he did.


both of 'em seem pretty awful to me - I wouldn't count Obama out against either of them


The Pakistanis killed Osama.

Sam Norton

Ejoch - I expect the Republican candidate not to be a man :)

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