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August 11, 2011


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Agree with everything you say - except the mention of Harriet Harman. Probably not on a par with Max Hastings, given she's been MP for one of London's most deprived communities for nearly thirty years. She may occasionally speak as if she's from another world - but it's not from lack of exposure to the people she represents.



When do we get the post where you express surprise that Ed was right to be pessimistic, Balls and Brown got it right and weren't scaremongering, etc. etc.?

Sent with good intentions,


Not sure you what you mean...you mean on the economy?


Oh my God, that quoted paragraph made me want to wretch. Yeah, the reason why the guy just looked up at you was because he probably thought you were a fucking pyscho for yelling at him fucked up things like, 'What are you good at!' when all he wanted was a free bike, not some third rate, weird attempt to psychoanalyse him and 'rescue' him. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Excellent pickings here. Thank you. Following your tweets about UKuncut this really cleaned the palette. I'd also like to second the exception of Harret Harman though, not because I hold her in any esteem (I'm ginger after all), but surgeries must be good for something, no?
A phrase that keeps coming back to me is something a worker in Wandsworth Prison said to me a month before he was fired: "These people aren't here because they lack an income, but because they lack an identity." I've always thought that was spot on, as is the question you highlight: "What are you good at?" Of course, the affordability of an identity in this climate is an issue. "MAKING NOTHING" as you termed it in your tweets on the occupation is not necessarily making nothing. "Art teacher" is not necessarily a term of abuse.
I finally faced my home today. Brixton's like a friend in hospital right now, surprisingly recognisable, and expressing a suave humour about its condition (The bills posted on the boards outside Morley's read "Please pardon our appearance while disorder continues in London".) I suppose dirk's point could be abbreviated to "THIS is a safe haven?"

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