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June 15, 2011


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I watched, half expected it to be dreadful but was quite watchable. Romney was very good, whereas Pawlenty was annoying on many levels- one of which was, he came across like a man trying to play a part (badly). And even when he did that, he was shrill and irritating.
I was surprised by Bachmann- read a lot about her but never heard her speak. Very impressive in a debate, not a Palin. I can't see how she can tack centre convincingly enough to be electable though.

It's a pity they all had to be so careful about bringing any nuance in- one commentator said they were all terrified of annoying the tea party by doing so. But I guess one shouldn't expect nuance in these things anyway.


Thanks. I'd just add that tacking to the centre will obviously only apply if Bachmann wins the nomination, which is still very unlikely.


I hope it's unlikely! Be another 1964 if she did.
I wonder why Huntsman opted out?

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