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May 20, 2011


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Is there a Kindle version ?


There will be, at the same time or shortly after the pub. date (25th May).


And an audible version?

erin newby

congratulations, you ridiculously clever man.

Albert Wilson

Hi Ian, will a hardback version be made available? could not find any on Amazon.


Erin you are way too kind but thank-you. Nicholas do you know i'm not sure about an audible version, I'll find out. Albert, this is (sort of) the hardback version, though as you've spotted it's not actually a hardback but a trade paperback. So, a posh paperback. Then the paperback paperback will follow at some point. Fewer and fewer books are coming in real hardback format these days, as fewer and fewer people are buying them.

Albert Wilson

Thanks for the clarification. Just ordered my copy, I have no doubt it would be a fascinating read and every bit as enlightening as this blog.

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