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May 06, 2011


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Bethan Roper

you need to update your links on the side of the page. Some are out of date and no longer available. Thanks.


It shouldn't feel surprising. There's a very good book - well, the first third has been very good - called The Liar's Tale that looks at how integral deceit is in nature and has been throughout our past. Imagining that we're created to seek the truth, rather than our own advantage, is a funny way of applying our ideals onto nature.

Duncan F.

Re evolutionary psychology and its "big splash"

You can find this argument in Plato. The scorched earth policy of post-Vienna Circle analytic philosophers has led directly to this situation, where papers are still being released that just re-state centuries-old arguments as if they're new.

For evolutionary psychology read Herbert Spencer on society. With an ipad.

I appreciate you're not a philosopher, I enjoy your blog, but this Eats, Shoots & Leaves crap is really irritating.


Well I should think Nietzsche would have been nodding away too. But it's a bit silly to suggest that if someone who is coming from a very different perspective already had a similar thought, then a new angle on it is worthless.

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