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May 03, 2011


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simon kane


erin newby



When Sadam was caught we saw him on tv. Nobody saw "Geronimo". CIA have to practice more in faking information like this and hire more actors. No terrorist act happened in 1-2 day interval. This also might be a proof and it is susspicious. Learn from KGB and Masad how to eliminate rats like Osama. More than probably no Osama existed ever. Just a motive to start wars and decrease unemployment by recruting homless and social unnecessary people "American Heros". I am here and I see how they are fighting terorist spending their time in PXes and Coffee houses with idiot faces.

Jane Doe

Haha how retarded Alex.

Karl Bolliger

Well-considered to use the name of a US First Nation commander and resistence fighter as a code-name for a terrorist. Makes me doubt if intellectual capacity is a prerequisite in the US administration


"The only thing I would caution here is that the story will be based on briefings from the White House, whose aim is to burnish the president's image."

these are the fave stories of the New York Times. don't even have to vet them.

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