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May 24, 2011


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Yeah, what did you think of that fawning Brooks piece? Usually (especially over the past couple years) he seems more often than not to diagnose things spot-on, but this...I mean, I've just returned from nearly a month in the UK, and nearly everyone I spoke with - dry and wet Tories, (former, to the last of them) Lib Dems, lifelong Labour voters, and so on - seemed pessimistic and downright cheesed off. The ones who voted 'yes' for AV didn't feel any love (anymore, had they earlier) for the coalition and the Labour 'yes' voters were hardly more sanguine, and the ones who voted 'no' seemed generally despondent about the direction of UK politics despite having 'won' the referendum...and then there's the whole SNP surge up in them thar Scottish hills...so who on earth has been palling around with and influencing Brooks during his sojourn in Britain?!

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