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May 29, 2011


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Patrick DeBurgh

Bluster, brag and bravado ... Daniels fired all his guns at once. Now that he emptied his magazine will he point his rhetorical pistol at his head and threaten to shoot the governor if we don't give him the credibility he lacks ? Will he try to hold himself hostage until we take him seriously ? Maybe he really thinks there is a shot left? Let's all tell him to go ahead and shoot. Then we can all laugh at him when his empty weapon goes ... CLICK !

h/t to Blazing Saddles


I really wanted him to run, was very disappointed he dropped out. And you make some very good points about the way he's gone about it. My thought was, a bit harsh on your family to hold them responsible for missing out on this opportunity. And... I don't know, maybe someone who lets that stop him, isn't who you want in the White House.

Your description of the reluctant hamlet like figure reminds me of Adlai Stevenson. Or maybe Eisenhower, until he realised you actually have to work to be nominated. And even when he was elected he apparently thought the grubby party stuff rather beneath him.

Who to root for now, is the question. (sorry- only for some of us:)

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