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May 23, 2011


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Presumably things are considered so difficult for the incumbent/front-runner that the plan is to look as nice as possible and wait for the supposedly inevitable major fuck-up that'll leave the backdoor open for whoever happens to be about.

If you wanted to be harsh, you could say that the same tactic got him here in the first place.

Personally, I just wish he'd start channelling his dad.


Another argument could be that Ed Miliband - and the story of his leadership - signifies a massive acting out of denial on the part of Labour.

I think that's the real meaning of his overuse of the word 'optimism'. It's a strange way of saying you're happy, optimism, implying tension and difficulty as much as their resolution. Survivors of war are optimistic. People who have been diagnosed with a serious illness are optimistic. Their hope is structured around difficulty.

Are Labour going to win the next election, Ed? Right now, he's optimistic.

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