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March 31, 2011


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I queue for overhead space - with bag check fees these days, more folks are carrying on as much as they can, and overheads fill up. Loser gets their bag checked.
Observed on my last flight: Seating early also helps you avoid finding a guy knowingly in your seat who says please would you trade with me so I can sit next to my wife. Of course his seat is a middle one a row or 2 away and the one he wants to trade for is aisle. I think this irritated me more than it did the nice young woman he pulled it on, who consented.


I just wish they wouldn't seat first and business first. Of course, they've paid 100 times more, so they're entitled. But then you have to walk past people who clearly have a "HA! look at me in my lovely seat!" look, as you trudge back to economy.
(I know for certain if I was in business, I'd sit looking smug. I looked smug enough in AA's premium economy class, a bargain $50 more.)

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