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February 24, 2011


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Patrick Kidd

They installed one on Villiers St, near Embankment Tube station in London, getting on for ten years ago but for quite a few years it hasn't been operational. You can still see the circle in the tarmac where it used to rise from, but no longer does. Possibly not flushed with success...


That's so much better than those awful ones they dump from lorries in central London at weekends!


I just found it today, so I haven't compared it to the latest print version that I have at home. I see the afterward by HvB is not included.
If you have trouble downloading it, just let me know and I can email it to you. It's only 5mbs.


It's so complicated to put something there that rises and sinks; the up/down mechanism is likely to break and render the thing un-usable, a la the one on Villiers St. Why not just put it there and let it stay there 24/7, like the one near the Sloane Square tube that I got nearly trapped inside four years ago? (I was heavily pregnant and rather unwieldy, and I forget exactly how it happened but I do remember meekly calling out 'help!' to passersby through the open slit of the doors - fearing they would think either I was a loon to be avoided or that it was a sketch for Trigger Happy TV.)

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