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February 21, 2011


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Do you think maybe he's just protecting himself, after the tabloids went after him last year? He's got an interesting post that doesn't have to involve the grotty domestic stuff, maybe he's just decided to focus on the strategic stuff and ignore the politics, rather than put himself in the line of fire. Rather like an american cabinet official can choose to do, if they're not planning on running for anything again.


Its also unseemly the way he was cosying up to the Bahrain Government almost as the people were on the streets. As for the Venezuela rumour it had already been disproved before he raised it. Sad, sad, sad. But then isn't it just a return to Tory lack of interest in Foreign Affairs that saw them stand by during the crimes in Rwanda and Bosnia the last time they were in poower?


It's because he's bald of pate and short of stature.

Kidding. More like what Ejoch said.

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