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February 28, 2011


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Quiet Riot Girl

anti-pad - nice! I am with that person. I am learning how to live in the world a bit more these days without distraction. I have found that reading books is my best form of 'unlearning' the habits of multimedia distractions.


What a sane, rational person that quoted Slate reader is. His/her comment reminds me of a parody in a recent issue of Private Eye; it was so apt and funny that I ripped it out and saved it:

New Rival to Facebook Unveiled

Silicon Valley was in meltdown last night as a new rival to Facebook was unveiled, called "Talking".

"'Talking' takes place when you disengage your computer, engage your legwalk sub-routine, go to and 'talk to' or 'verbally twitblast' people in your 'peoplesphere' or 'vicinity'," said one man wearing a black turtleneck jumper and spectacles.

"'Talking' is 3D, fully interactive, free, not restricted to 140 characters and you don't have to encounter Stephen Fry. This could well be a game changer."


Too true.

I do have an iPad and it's a ton of fun for playing games, but I don't have a lot of time for them. It does however fit a nice little niche in my work life--good for reading and annotating PDFs (rather than having to print them out), saving stuff from the web to read when I don't have internet access, etc. It's convenient for writing email when I want to keep it brief and not get sucked into web-surfing afterwards. And I use it to wind down before sleep by playing crosswords; that way I can do them in the dark, lying down--not possible with paper. So I think these little gadgets are at their most revolutionary and most useful when they respond to the needs of our daily lives rather than creating another need (e.g. making the time to play games).

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