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January 27, 2011


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It's the fact that the word map is shaped like a fish that makes it so special.


On the contrary, I say Bam has the proportion of speech types just about right. If it was 8 poetry to 2 prose, we would all be reeling from the continual uplift, and many would be claiming that he was all inspiring talk and no practical action. That, as I recall, was precisely the criticism made of him by various Clintonites, Palinites and McCainites prior to November 2008, when he was better known for his poetry than for his legislative achievements. Now that he's achieved more profound legislation, faster, than any US President in 42 years, you now want more poetry?



I don't know if UK viewers can watch MSNBC videos, but last night's 14-minute Rachel Maddow opening segment was an eye-opener for me.


She's so good at supporing her arguments. In this case, she convincingly persuades that Obama has shifted public perception of what the "center" is, and its to left of where the "center" has been perceived for years.

I especially appreciate what she has to say about Eisenhower.

Mark Knoller (CBS Radio) tweeted late last year:

On Thursday 30th December 2010, @markknoller said:
Most noteworthy recess appointments:

Pres. Eisenhower made 3 recess appointments to the US Supreme Court including:

-Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953)
-Associate Justices William Brennan (1956)
-and Associate Justice Potter Stewart (1958).

Each later received Senate confirmation.

This is remarkable! Warren & Brennan were the liberal lions of the 20th mid-century Supreme Court.


'pays the price of being a politician so he can preach'? Oh lord I hope that isn't true. And not just because preacher-style speeches leave me utterly cold. The politicians I admire most wanted to get things done, and saw any poetical speeches as a necessary price (or evil) to bring the public along. although I'll admit to a liking for some poetical speeches, none recent.

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