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January 18, 2011


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If I recall correctly, Reagan left office in Jan 1989. The Soviet Union collapsed fully only in the later half of 1991.

Ian Leslie

Yes, good point - I wasn't clear. I've amended. Thanks Charles.


Come on. Hendrik Hertzberg is hardly neutral. He was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter (a genuinely hopeless president).

Ian Leslie

I never said or implied the author of that passage is neutral or disinterested. I just like the passage, because it nicely illustrates something I believe to be true of Reagan: that he was largely a passive figure, on which people projected - and project - their wishes.


Ron Reagan is hardly neutral either. And yet he and Hertzberg seem to share similar observations about the GIpper's mien while Prez, at least during his second term.

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Reagan has an excellent and also experience.. Thanks for sharing your experience in that period..

Dave Weeden

I'm late to this party, but why is Carter a "genuinely hopeless President"? I thought that historians now agreed that it was the provocation of Afghanistan in 1979 that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. While it was Reagan who capitulated to the Iranian hostage crisis. Or am I wrong?

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