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December 08, 2010


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Bam's inherent pragmatism was evident from his books, from his speeches and voting record in the Illinois Senate and in the US Senate, and from his speeches throughout the presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008. Anyone who thought he was not inherently a pragmatist simply wasn't paying attention. If the left feel betrayed by his let's-make-a-deal approach, it is only because they deluded themselves otherwise.

And awakening from self-delusion is always the worst form of enlightenment, since you only have yourself to blame for being in the dark.


Ahh good, he's leading again. I was getting a bit worried he'd fallen a bit comatose too - I even for a few weeks began to feel that Obama might face a competitive fight for re-election.

Still, he shows his finger is on the pulse of ordinary americans, and that he isn't into petty washington squabbles, which will make for some great authentic-sounding campaign rhetoric in 2012.

As for the tax cuts, the strategy is simple. Get all but the top 2% tax cut sustained for two more years. Use the money from the top 2% to fund a payroll tax cut for two years. This is a second round of stimulus by the backdoor - 500,000 jobs from that payroll tax. The economy gets moving, Obama gets re-elected in 2012 easily, and then to cure the deficit all he does is veto anything that isn't the full set of tax rises.


A pragmatist leader struggling with the extreme members of his party. It's the political trope of 2010, isn't it?


Can't get enough of this last question at the press conf. Something I have said to a lot of "progressives" who no longer speak to me, which is fine! The midterm press conf was hard to watch, but predictable. He called every candidate who lost...not an easy task for anyone to endure. A Staff member said he didn't sleep that night. The media was over the top that day as they embraced the teabag nonsense. Bad performance by both parties involved.

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