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November 03, 2010


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You're spot on about the narrative needed. Somebody in The Times the other day (or was it the LA Times...) pointed out, a person mightn't have liked George W Bush's approach to the world, but they understand what he was trying to do, especially in foreign policy.

It isn't just connecting with the voters though is it- it's more fundamental. Clinton recovered because he was content to move to the centre, it wasn't an alien place for him. The recent White House announcements seem to imply the President won't countenance such a thing.


@Ejoch: Though I agree with your point of creating a clear direction, I disagree with the view that moving to the center would help Obama. The Democrats just lost a huge election, where their base didnt show up, the voting percentage of under 30 voters got halved. Signalling that Obama is now going to move to the center is unlikely to motivate the coalition of voters that elected him in 2008.

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