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October 28, 2010


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Rove...Osborne...who next? (reading Marbury, that is)

As Palin's plausibility fades, which Republican(s) does Marbury see as best-prepared for the blood, sweat, tears and 'hard effort' of the race for 2012?


If only in the running was...
I don't think he's interested though.

Ian Leslie

I think it's Mitt's year.

Although Mitch Daniels would give him a run for his considerable money - and from what I read it sounds like Daniels is taking the prospect of running very seriously.


I read it as him worrying that Palin might actually have a chance and his comments, along with those he made about the tea party, are ones that are aimed at trying to cut the whole thing off at it's knees.


So pleased to hear there's a chance Daniels might run. If only non-US citizens could donate, after all, we care about who the leader of the free world might be!

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