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October 18, 2010


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Maybe the aide is staring at it going "this is so cool, and it's miiiiiiine".

erin newby

the all-staff email would have been fabulous. like those tedious emails the PAs in ad agencies send around before creative presentations, asking for art bags. "Hey guys! It's that time again - whoever has the nuclear codes can you PLEASE leave them by Lucy's desk by lunchtime today! IMPORTANT meeting later!!!! Byeeeee! L x"


You know when you're at work and someone sends some tedious, waffling email, or spends 30 minutes drivelling about some unimportant subject- and eventually you snap and say, "for god's sake we're not dealing with nuclear launch codes here!"

well what do you person say if your office *does* deal with nuclear launch codes?



Or, there could have been this email from one the PAs:

"Would the person who left their nuclear launchcode briefcase in the staff kitchen again, please collect it ASAP! I am just SICK and TIRED of having to shift these launchcode bags out of the way whenever I want to microwave anything. Spare a thought for others, for a change, why don't you! If this happens one more time, I will take the briefcase down to recycling MYSELF!"

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great man :D

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