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August 17, 2010


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I think the decision to give the money to charity is admirable. But I think the choice of charity is tactless.


Brand Blair is still a money making machine.
This donation should be seen in that context.

Ian Leslie

The idea that anybody's choice of charity might be "tactless" or "tactful" is a new one. Is it like wearing the wrong colour to a wedding or something? I suppose that, Fawlty-style, it would have been better to give the money to a charity that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR.

I wonder just how much he'd have to give away before, even "in context", his critics deem it generous?

It's clear to me that the only truly honourable course of action for TB would have been to keep the money. Then everyone would feel much better about the whole thing.


Totally agree with you Ian. I just waded through two pages in the Times, all about Tony Blair's various sources of income, wondering if there was a point somewhere in the offing. There wasn't. Mystifies me that his giving millions to charity should generate any copy other than a brief paragraph of approval.


Are ashcash and Marie stooges posting on here to make your point for you?


"I wonder just how much he'd have to give away before, even "in context", his critics deem it generous?"

Mr Blair whilst well meaning showed extreme and total disregard for the means to achieve his ends. The world was on the verge of changing in the meantime. Nothing Mr Blair will do financially will make him look generous.

The moral (code for fair) world now just cannot stomach Mr Blair "immorality". The issue is not one for money, it is one of identity.

On a seperate note, Mr Blair's document has been created to clarify his thinking, on his world view. Hardly anything to do with you, me or Tom Dick and Harry. The book is expected to be a flop. Add Michael Howard vocal support into the investigation into the the David Kelly incident and saga....and to me atleast the Blair donation (and it is unclear what this is - see The FirstPost) is no more than a sharp defensive move. Nothing wrong with that mind. Distasteful though still.


Its great that he donated that money to charity. Still, it doesn't change the fact that he should face a war crimes tribunal for his crimes against humanity. So should G W Bush. I doubt it will ever happen though.

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