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July 19, 2010


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Nice article.

Chinese companies work the same way - I thought this was Asian communism in action. Apparently not.


Just wanted to say thanks for the link - added it to my instapaper to read tonight (:

I don't know yet that this could be an interesting compare and contrast for the so called individualistic vs collectivist societies (having parents born in India, I am actually somewhat intrigued by what I've observed re: this difference).


I've always found the employees at UNIQLO to be friendly, helpful and give 100% effective customer care so whether or not you agree with how they work, it definitely pays off for the brand. I feel UNIQLO's approach to business is unique and effective just like their choices of materials, style and design in their men's clothing and women's clothing ranges.


Er, thanks Joe. I have a feeling you got paid to write that. UNIQLO scares me a little.

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"What's good for General Motors is good for America." The very epitome of the selfish, imperious chief executive. Except he didn't actually say it. His real words were, "for years I thought what was good fadfor the country was good for General Motors and vice versa." In other words, the interests of big business couldn't be divorced from the well-being of the nation. This represented the best ethos of our business leadership when America stood at its zenith.

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