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June 23, 2010


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It's hard to believe he did this to orchestrate a showdown- otherwise why send out letters of apology so quickly? And what else could he expect to happen other than at best a public dressing down? Which leaves an amazing lack of media awareness.

I must admit I couldn't finish the Rolling Stone article, the style drove me up the wall. Is it necessary to put f*** every 5 lines? (I've no objection to swearing in general, it's just in a serious article it comes across like 'look at me, I'm swearing, how edgy am I!')


Ha ha yes, it's very "Rolling Stone"


Suppose you were a very bright officer who'd built a career espousing a certain military strategy. Suppose you had the chance to implement that strategy, with almost as many resources as you'd ever said you would need. Suppose, despite all this, the strategy was not working and not likely to work, and you have now realized this before most other people. Which would be better? To get sacked now for insubordination, or to end your career in shame after everyone learns that your military strategy has failed.


Surely if his aim is to just avoid the strategy failing though, all he has to do is wait a while... the administration will pull the troops too early, and he can say "if you'd just given me X more months". etc.

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