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June 04, 2010


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Certainly sounds tired. Must be very frustrating... you go to all that trouble to get into office to accomplish certain things, and you're derailed by something you can't control. Newsweek (or was it the LA Times?) pointed out that the more he tries to take ownership of the situation, the more he risks being blamed for it all the more.


I just watched that same footage on Portuguese TV, and he looked a lot less tired - I was trying to figure out why, and on watching the embedded footage a second time I noticed that in that he looked a lot greyer - both his pallor and around the temples.

But and so, I'd still like to see before/after shots of US Presidents and other national leaders compared with similarly time-shifted photos of folks who don't have such stressful jobs, just to see the difference in aging cues.

Ian Leslie

Your wish is my command, Chris (almost). http://bit.ly/95iMpN


Cheers for that link, that was an eerily rapid response. I liked the self-delusion evident in the results of this poll:

How old do you look compared to people your age?
Younger 67%
The same age 21%
Older 12%

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