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April 28, 2010


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Will M

Everyone knows Brown's socially awkward, and some of us thought he was insincere and two-faced. Now more do. I agree with you (and, I guess, with Danny Finklestein) that some of this has been priced in, but at the same time it has never been this clear before.

That said, given the Lib Dems loss of momentum, tomorrow is perhaps David's to lose.


My initial reaction was to feel sorry for Brown, not an emotion I thought I'd ever feel. It does make him look weirdly inexperienced- because what she seems to have said was pretty mild. The kind of confrontation anyone with any practice with the public would have thought nothing of!


"... because what she seems to have said was pretty mild ..."

It was indeed, ejoch.

I contrast it with what we've heard reported of the blessed Blair and his entourage's parlous language in similar circumstances in the past!


What has surprised me in this campaign is the message that is NOT being broadcast by Brown (or at least, not being received by us voters): Surely, he should be saying that fiscal cuts are going to needed, and therefore we should elect people with the right values and experience to make these cuts fairly. Such a message would make Labour look responsible ("we're not promising utopia") and play into the vague distrust that most people still have about the Tories being nasty, elitist sloane rangers.


Somewhere in provincial England, conversation overheard in a Costa Coffee this morning:

Barista #1 to Customer: You're one of our nicest customers.
Customer: Why, that's nice. Thank you! (Pause) But what do you say about me after I leave the cafe?
(Baristas #1, 2, 3: Laughter)
Barista #2: We say you're a bigot!
(Baristas #1, 2, 3 and several customers: Loud laughter)
Barista #3: Poor Mr Brown.
Customer: Yes, all of us have said that about someone, haven't we.
Barista #1: The poor guy - he gets no peace.
Barista #2: The TV was full of it last night, as if this was important.
Others: Yeah. Yes.

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