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April 19, 2010


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There's also the argument that successful presidential candidates in the US are almost always people who have not been national public figures for any longer than about 15 years when first elected President. Since WW II, only Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan had been nationally-known figures more than 15 years before they first became President. The US system, it seems, would be unlikely to allow a person like Winston Churchill to become President -- when he first became Prime Minster he had been a Cabinet Minister, on and off, for more than 30 years, and known as a journalist & writer for longer. There are many US Presidents - Lincoln, TR, Taft, Truman, JFK, Carter, Clinton, Bush 43, as well as Obama - who first came to national prominence when they first ran for President.


there is a deeper link between us and the "I agree with Nick" line. People rather agree than dis-agree. and Nick is a class-less as man-of-the-people name as it comes. He could be a friend or a foe but is just like us. For this reason, "I agree with Nick" line will fly and fly and fly. The catchphrase of the 21st century.

As to Nick Clegg, we are projecting on-to-him our needs, hopes and desires.

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