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March 07, 2010


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I would note that it's not like these guys didn't know each other before they got to the WH -- they both have deep Chicago roots, and both had an early formative experience working on Richard Daley's successful run for Mayor in, I think 1991. Axelrod was a messaging advisor and Emanuel headed fundraising.

The real question is whether the supposed friction existed back then.


Yes you're quite right CB. Although I don't think there is any significant "friction". My guess is that they get along just fine. As I say (well as Albert Hunt said) the whole personnel story is a distraction from a deeper problem.


Although this guy shouldn't be mentioning any encounters with naked men in the showers with the rumours surrounding him, he does offer a fantastic Rahm story, one thats sure to add to the legend of Rahm.


best quote from the above video:
'Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?'

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