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February 21, 2010


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I agree with you. The 42nd President of the US also had (and still has, by all accounts) a similar reputation for sudden shouting, swearing, object-throwing, and similar intense, short-lived eruptions of anger at staff. This trait was well known before his re-election in 1996, and remained well-known during his second term. Despite being well-known (and despite his various other failings), he would easily have been re-elected in 2000 had he been allowed to stand.

Likewise, Margaret Thatcher seems to have won the odd election despite a similar reputation.


And I guess, given how the story is building, for the PM it's back to being "Stalin"!

Ian Leslie

Yes, Bill Clinton was a shouter and screamer. So, incidentally, was Colin Powell, contra his image. But as I say above, the key for me is, do they pick out individuals and needle them consistently? That seems to me much worse. Eg, Thatcher and Howe.


Most amusing was the depiction of the bullying female British Prime Minster in the comedy film, "Water". Of course, I'm sure no connection with any particular female British Prime Minster was intended by the film-makers.

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