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January 21, 2010


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Will M

Immigration reform is an interesting case in point. Republican rebels (from their party) on this policy are far more rebellious than on other policies, at least in the Senate. McCain, in particular, would be great political cover for Obama. It would be a greatshow case of bipartisan politics working well, and could potentially be useful for the Florida Senate race (amongst others - e.g. Nevada Senate).

That said, I don't see how you can manage an immigration reform that Latinos like without looking bad on jobs for 'real American' workers.

I suppose he could always order the building of a Ronald Reagan memorial in Washington...

Will M

Then again, there's always campaign finance reform...


I have a feeling John McCain is in no mood to provide political cover for Obama. The more I see of him the more think he's less a principled maverick and than a self-promoting, opportunistic troublemaker.


Ah yes I see what you mean about campaign finance reform. Jeez what a dreadful decision. Somebody send Scalia hunting with Cheney again.

Will M

Agree re McCain, at least on campaign finance. His reaction to the Supreme court ruling underlines how little of the principled politician there is underneath his skin.

If he also isn't about to be useful on immigration it's really an indictment of him - the two used to be his signature issues, after all. A shame, as he could do so much genuine good if he actually cared about doing good rather than winning points.

Another idea that might be worth trying, if it can be made more than just a gimmick, is getting Obama back out amongst the people. Security aside, there's no reason that the President should be stuck in Washington all day every day. And I don't mean a day trip, I mean spending genuine time in each of the States, meeting with Governors of both parties, etc. Talk about successful local initiatives, spot-light federal aid, drum up support for a further jobs bill, etc. The fewer photos with Obama featured alongside Reid or Pelosi, the better.

Kelsey Parker

Perhaps he'll convey a real sense of that politics is changing by becoming a better storyteller, as Junot Diaz demands: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2010/01/one-year-storyteller-in-chief.html

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