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January 25, 2010


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amazed anyone finds this interesting. distraction of the cult of personality. fiddling while rome burns.


Lol, and Bill Clinton would be trouble because Barack Obama has a complex? This president and his followers are so self- absorbed that one wonders how they function outside their bubble.


Why is anyone taking this guy (whose name is nearly identical to DC's own political phoenix, Marion Barry -- who'da thunk there'd be two male politicians named Marion?!) at his word, and his words for a verbatim quote? He's a Dixiecrat, from the conservative wing of the party, and the dude is retiring. He's got nothing to lose. He can shoot off his mouth without minding precision. Should we be so sure that the president tried to convince Mr Berry in that exact manner? Does such a quote match other reports, recordings and broadcasts of how the president talks? I'm not so sure, and I smell a rat.


You're probably right Lyle. Fun though. KJC - you might have noticed, I'm plenty interested in personalities (and fiddling come to that). There are many blogs doing serious policy analysis. I'm afraid this isn't one of them.

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