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December 15, 2009


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Tom Maguire

A Canadian economist has come up with an innovative method of carbon taxation that even the sceptics, if they're being honest, ought to be able to agree on...

Sure, insofar as "skeptics" refers only to people who doubt that warming is happening at all. What about the skeptics who think that warming is happening but the human contribution is tiny? I am pretty sure there is a group with a theory about the end of the Little Ice Age, long natural cycles, and sunspots.

And a likely response to ClimateGate is that there will be a group of skeptics that will refuse to believe the numbers put out by the scientific community.

phil h

I think you are being too hard on the sceptics.

What are your thoughts on "Harry's file", proxy temperatures, and the Yamal tree rings?

The problem with the climate change argument is that it is too binary - CO2 emissions have increased, the temperature increased up to 1998. Therefore taxing emissions assumes CO2 and climate change are linked. They may not be. Furthermore as we have seen with climate gate, those taking the temperature are fiddling the data, intermingling real and proxy temperatures.

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