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December 19, 2009


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Is there any technique for teeth whitening which gives immediate
results, rather than requiring months of bleaching (at home) to give
the final result? If so, how much does it cost, and does it have any
major disadvantages?

Andy Hughes

How is it hard to believe? You're the country who's famous for its buck-toothed yokels.

Where did you guys get this idea from anyway? It seems you just pulled it out your arse.


It's not that hard to believe, because there are still a lot of Brits that have great smiles. We must not generalize all of them for having bad teeth. Anyway, since I've lived here in Mount Pleasant, I've been very particular when it comes to my oral hygiene 'coz most of the people here have pretty smiles. In order for me to be like them, I go to the dental office regularly.

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I never knew that. It's just now I learned about it.

Hertha Gearin

Generally, the British are known for their bad teeth, but not all of them have that. Oral healthcare is a concern that is continuously being addressed through the years, and technology has done a lot of improvements in helping people deal with their teeth. Hmm, we should not judge the book by its cover, as they say.

Masakazu Ooba

British people's teeth have been amongst the best in the world for a long time. Again, another false stereotype. I love the food there too. Great country

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