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December 03, 2009


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mauro sabbadini

That the italian justice system has many problem is surely true, for the rest, your remarks are not so correct:

first the rethoric of the atterney is surely unfair but he is fighting against a defence who played first that card and doing it not only in the courtroom but also on alla the mainstream media and tv.

second, you must know that, in italian tribunals, we haven't jurys... the popular court is a quite different thing...

third, you must remember that miss knox and mr sollecito tried to accuse a man who result in having a strong alibi, a man named p. lumumba, that they thought would be a good "capro espiatorio" only for being stranger and black.

fourth police found many evidences of she and her friend liyng to the police, and you forget the the third person accused, has arranged a deal with the attorney, whithout having any substantial gain for himself (30 years indictment and lifelog reclusion, following the italian law, are not a different sentence, in italy you cannot serve more than 28 years of prison except for mafia or terrorism charge)

Last but nt least: mrs knox is defended by Giulia Bongiorno, chairperson of the powerfull justice commitee of the House of Representatives (camera dei deputati) , the lawyer of amanda knox has the legal power to inspect the judges of the trial in which she is a part, to indict them and to stop theyr carreers, do you think is it fair?


Hi Mauro. Thanks very much for your comment - it's excellent to have such an informed perspective. I can still can see no serious evidence linking Knox to the crime. What you tell us seems like more evidence that this is a very unsound trial.

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