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November 23, 2009


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"Here's Sullivan:..."

How much of what Sullivan said was influenced by how much dope he had smoked?


I'm just... flummoxed by this line of argument. If another President had had a stream of foreign policy failures, alientated at least half the public trying to expand the budget when there's no money, and achieved practically zilch of proven consequence since election (in spite of grandiose promises), would you still argue there was a grand plan at work?
now those guys surely haven't an axe to grind...


Yeah, ejoch, you sound flummoxed.


Hi Ejoch. Well I obviously don't agree with your characterisation of this president's first ten months (see previous for why...inc. stabilisation of economy...I think public are "alienated" as inevitable result of unemployment etc and not because of (entirely necessary) spending...and significant foreign policy successes (or failures) take time...Der Spiegel piece is usual disposable stuff).

But if I'm honest there's a more instinctive, less rational reason for my confidence in this presidency. Let's call it smell. Some govts and leaders just smell funny. Our own for instance. You can pick up the panic or the fear or the confusion by reading reports of what's going on inside, by watching the leader concerned - their demeanour, their reactions - and you can just sort of smell when someone's out of their depth. I've never had this feeling about the Obama admin, even when things supposedly going badly, as now, even when they make mistakes. It's impossible to argue about or defend rationally - that's why I call it an instinct or sense. I'm just being candid about how I make these judgements. Expect all close politics-watchers do similar.


I agree with you Marbury. He often makes me nervous playing the long game the way he does, but I think he is hanging in there. Hopefully he will be a 2 termer.

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