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October 21, 2009


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What else did you expect an Obamabot to say to justify the nationalization of GM and Chrysler. He was part of the team effort to create this situation. The management I have no doubt made errors in judgment and management, but even a brief look at the cost of the UAW is a major factor in the financial health of these companies. Even if this gentleman was telling the truth, which is doubtful, what is the justification for giving 40% of the company to the UAW? The companies are now governed by a management team that no doubt has the confidence of this gentleman is its financial situation any better? When these companies were fighting to stay in business, without government bailouts, why did the UAW refuse to assist? Was it because they knew the administration that they and their money had put into power would save them in return?

I will never buy another GM (Government Motors) or Chrysler vehicle again and will try and influence everyone I know not to support this nationalization effort of this administration and the power grab of the UAW.

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