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October 10, 2009


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Neither Henry Kissinger (1973) nor Yassir Arafat (1994) was "gelded" by receipt of the Peace Prize, alas, so I wouldn't worry too much that Obama will be.

Where exactly is the line between encouragement and attempted "gelding," anyway?

Account Deleted

Neither Kissinger or Arafat were POTUS. David Frum is right. As is your view that he shouldn't have accepted it. Even a cruise missile into Afghan/West Pakistan caves will create waves or public derision. Well, if I was in charge I wouldn't want that hanging over me but then maybe Obama thought it through and weighed up the industrial military complex and thought it could prove useful in the heat of the moment.

David Tallan

" How can a Peace Nobelist strike Iranian nuclear plants? Or wage a protracted war in Afghanistan?" The same way someone who was declared Defender of the Faith by the Pope could take his entire country and split off from the Roman Catholic Church (Henry VIII).

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