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September 03, 2009


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“Keep It Simple Stupid” is the first rule of sales. Of course this president has never been in business or sales. He is a lawyer and he thinks like a lawyer who is trying a case. Good luck with that.

If I were to guess what the American people really want with health care reform, it would be something that can be articulated pretty simply and emerges from some basic American values of fairness and common sense:

1. Every American gets a baseline level of solid health care. No one is left behind.
2. No American need be at risk of financial ruin or bankruptcy because they get sick.
3. The program is manageable and fiscally responsible. Americans want to feel reasonably certain we won’t see mushrooming costs like with Medicare and the prescription drug plan.

A problem with the ObamaCare HR 3200 hairball is that it at best accomplishes one of the three. Interestingly, the Wyden-Bennett Healthy Americans Act (S 391) actually does accomplish all three. Simple.


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