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September 01, 2009


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The purpose of the stimulus bill was to stimulate the economy by spending money right across the USA. How else could you help the local economy in Peoria, without spending money in Peoria, on projects right in Peoria? Who better to select these projects than the local congressional representatives in Peoria? Of course the stimulus bill was pork-laden, that was its very point. Brooks certainly makes it challenging for anyone wishing to be an admirer of his intellect with a criticism such as this.


Well, I presume by "pork" he's referring to projects that have nothing to do with kickstarting demand or creating jobs and everything to do with buying off interest groups, winning votes, and funding vanity projects.


Yes, Brooks is hardly alone in claiming a large proportion of the 'stimulus' bill will stimulate nothing at all. Simply spending money in a particular region doesn't qualify as a pump-primer. Better not to spend the money at all than waste it like that - an argument often being made now in relation to the huge remaining portion still unspent. (I can't remember the % unspent but it's an amazing figure. )


"Better not to spend the money at all than waste it like that"

Well, no, ejoch! This misses the point of the stimulus. The point is to replace some of the drop-off in demand of consumers and companies hit by the depression. So "wasting it" is precisely what is needed! Government needs to spend money, to employ people, to make things, to maintain things, etc, because we the people are not spending.


"There's something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up." Barack Obama

Mr. Brooks needs a change of pants.

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